Whether during the last 20 years as a facilitator of creative process and executive performance coach, or during her first 20 years in the advertising and media industry, clients and colleagues have counted on Kandice to draw on her process and people skills to find a way to clarify their goals and help transform them into engaging and exciting action plans.

Skills That Bring The Thrills

20 Years

Applied Creative Process Facilitation

35 Years

Business Management and Coaching Experience

20 Years

Building Meeting Enviroments to Ignite Creativity and Engagement

40 Years

Helping Clients Meet Their Growth Goals and Get Results

Kandice began working in her dad’s store at an early age. Forever curious, she could be found asking customers about what they needed and adjusting services and arranging products to accommodate them.

The drive to understand customer behavior started with working in her dad’s business and has continued throughout her career. Count on her to say, “Let’s begin with the end in mind. Help me understand what a successful outcome will be for you.”

After thoughtful consideration, the next thing you’ll hear her say is, “Here are some ways I think I can help.”