Just Play!

Summer reminds me of the importance of play. Not as an event we carve out time for, more as an approach to the things we need to get done, like a kid riding her bike to the beach for the first time, inspiring me to bring a sense of wonder and light-heartedness, even to the job at hand.

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Welcome To Your Occasional Office

I love what Kristi Hedges, ForbesWomen contributor, calls "the occasional office." The title of her article, "Welcome To Your Occasional Office (Here Are The Rules)," reminded of Ann Tyler's book, "The Accidental Tourist." That book included an alchemy of opposite characters experiencing the twists and turns of life, which sounds a lot like the last several months to me.

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Customer Empathy Improves Customer Service

Customer empathy is a hot topic for all businesses and organizations. A great starting point to improve customer empathy is to become the customer to understand your product or service from their point of view. Next, make sure your customer service aligns with your company's mission and values.

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What’s Your Word?

Last fall, I was doing a lot of thinking about the power of intention. I bought a 2020-2021 journal that made me smile, which was the beginning of “JOY” becoming my word. The power of focused attention/intention is a fantastic thing because it draws things toward us, if only because that’s what we choose to see. Everywhere I looked, there was the word JOY.

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