What’s the value of a skilled facilitator?

Ideas are great, and just about everybody has one. The right creative process, applied and led by a skilled facilitator, will get ideas out of your head and into the real world. Clearly articulated, directed toward specific outcomes with action steps and firm dates to make sure those ideas happen!

What you can expect:

  • Break big, lofty priorities into specific outcomes.
  • Identify multiple projects to work on simultaneously to accomplish critical priorities.
  • Engage and energize staff by listening and taking advantage of their unique perspective.
  • Transform diverse opinions into relevant ideas and specific actions.
  • Create motion toward specific goals with a prioritized plan.

Who can benefit:

  • Companies and organizations adapting to a changing marketplace and customer preferences.
  • Purpose-driven organizations that need help clarifying priorities and aligning resources, stakeholders, and volunteers.
  • Companies and organizations that need a fresh approach to their marketing campaigns.

Discover What’s Under the Hood

Organize what you already know. Discover what you don’t.

Taking a hard look at “what is” in your business or organization will put you on the fast track to inventing “what could be.” Facilitated discovery shines a light on what to do more of, what to do less of and what to stop doing altogether to reach your goals.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Create clarity and inspire motion toward your most important goals.

Business is all about momentum. That’s what makes it difficult for you to plan while you’re running day-to-day operations. Once we’ve looked under the hood and the examined the facts, we bring the right people together in a day-long retreat to establish priorities and work on what needs to get done. Day-long planning retreats include discovery with stakeholders, a custom meeting plan and facilitation, outcomes and action documentation and optional services for project coaching and plan management.

Consumer Insights Facilitation

How well do you know your customer?

What is the persona of your clients or customers? We help you create a detailed description of your highest value customers to help you and your team know enough about that individual to see the world through their eyes. Personas, or customer avatars, enhance and inform everything from marketing efforts and sales processes to the development of new products and services.