Summer reminds me of the importance of play. Not as an event we carve out time for, more as an approach to the things we need to get done, like a kid riding her bike to the beach for the first time, bringing a sense of wonder and light-heartedness, even to the job at hand.

I often stand at a crossroads between learning new stuff (which I love) and an unhealthy obsession with doing things right. For me, this “JUST PLAY” thing is on repeat! Here are some excellent examples:

  1. Learning bass guitar. I used to get frustrated and stop if I missed a note. My teacher helped me see the band doesn’t care about perfection. They care that you (and the drummer) set the song’s foundation and stay in it with them. His advice, “Just keep playing through it!”
  2. Marketing my business. Facilitation services like strategic planning and business coaching require explanation. Explaining how I help client businesses grow doesn’t have to be perfect; it needs to get done. It’s in the doing that I remember; it’s a ton of fun!
  3. Embracing new technology and emerging platforms: Technology isn’t my first language. Learning to have some fun with a “Hey, Party People!” Zoom welcome screen or a Mural that features my Executive Assistant, Val (she’s a gorgeous German Shepherd), has made the learning curve feel less steep and a lot more fun!

Giving the gift of “just play” to yourself and to those around you is a gift that keeps on giving, paying dividends like trust and innovation that foster growth.