Let The Sparks Fly Podcast

As a passionate facilitator who loves to help my clients look at challenges and opportunities differently, I am forever on the hunt for new techniques and sage advice. “Let the Sparks Fly!” is a place for me to share that inspiration.

I have always loved audio content for its intimacy and flexibility. Whether listening to radio growing up or audiobooks on the go, audio content allowed me the freedom to choose what to listen to and learn about and when.

Today, as principal facilitator at Cinnamon Sparks, I find myself working with business owners and non-profit leaders whose most valuable commodity is time. Time to grow their business or organization, to think about their employees, clients, and consumers, to manage their lives, to create memories with their families, and to help their communities.

I hope “Let the Sparks Fly!” will provide an easy way to explore essential topics and offer a spark of inspiration along the way.