Customer empathy is a hot topic for all businesses and organizations. A great starting point to improve customer empathy is to become the customer to understand your product or service from their point of view. Next, make sure your customer service aligns with your company’s mission and values.

Apply the same customer empathy approach to employee communication. After all, your employees are your internal customers and your company’s most valuable ambassadors.

Customers want to be considered and understood. The first step is to open dialogue with them to see the world from their point of view. Here are some resources to guide you on engaging your customers in a conversation that explores how you and your business bring them value by diving into their world and learning how your product or service fits into it!

Let the Sparks Fly! The Customer Communication Formula with Charlotte Purvis podcast. We cover this particular topic from 45:32 to the conclusion.

Data is Not a Replacement for Talking to Customers: Harvard Business Review.

5 Ways to Listen to Customers: